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Differing ideas over fixing joblessness in Hudson Valley

Organized labor and New York Republican House member representing the Hudson Valley  agree that something must be done to boost employment, as the national unemployment figure for June showed joblessness was 8.2 percent with just 80,000 new jobs added. But they have different views on how to grow the economy. Hank Gross reports…

Paul Ellis-Graham, president of the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, said the GOP House of Representatives is blocking the solution to the problem.

“The American Jobs Act, I think, would provide two million jobs over two years, but the Republican House majority refused to pass it and act on it and Representative Hayworth is part of that group, and I really wish they would think about the impact on average folks instead of trying to block the president’s agenda and try to put people to work,” Ellis-Graham said.

But, Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-19) said the president’s plan is not the answer.

“It’s yet another attempt at stimulus from the federal government and all the first stimulus accomplished is to take our unemployment rate from somewhere, I believe it was around six percent, to around eight percent, where it has stubbornly remained,” she said.

Hayworth said less taxes and elimination of the president’s healthcare act would help increase jobs and lower the unemployment rate.