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Democrat Rebecca Holcombe Discusses Her Decision To Run For Vermont Governor

Rebecca Holcombe
Rebecca Holcombe for Governor/Facebook
Rebecca Holcombe

The former Vermont Secretary of Education announced on Tuesday that she is running for governor. Democrat Rebecca Holcombe served as education secretary for four years under former Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin and continued in the position under Republican Phil Scott. But she resigned last year citing policy disagreements.  Holcombe is the first Democrat to enter the 2020 race. She tells WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley she is running because she loves the state and wants to take it in a new direction.“I love the opportunities that it’s given to me and so many people I know and I want to make sure that I can do my best to take the state in an new direction and make sure I put my experience as a teacher, a principal, a Secretary of Education in this state to work to make sure that every Vermonter no matter where they live has the same kind of opportunities I’ve had. Whether they live in our rural communities, our more urban communities, whether they’re living in the south or the north, everybody in the state should have a great opportunity to succeed, do well and feel like they’re part of and contributing to our prosperity and our future. And I’m running because I’m concerned that the current governor’s approach is  helping people who are already doing well and are privileged, and it’s great that people are doing well, but I’m personally going to focus my campaign on the vast majority of Vermonters  who are working really hard every day but feel like they’re running in place.”  

During his weekly press conference on Wednesday, Governor Scott, who has not announced if he will run for re-election, was asked what he thought about Holcombe entering the race.  “It’s not a surprise to me. I’ve heard the rumblings for quite some time. I would expect that there’ll be more candidates for governor before this is all over.”
Reporter: “Are you going to run for re-election?”
Governor Scott: “We’ll wait until after the legislative session.  It’s been about 7 months since I was sworn in. I think I should at least get through the first year before we have that conversation.”

An extended conversation with Vermont Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Holcombe is also at the WAMC News Podcast.


Extended conversation with Democratic Gubernatorial cnadidate Rebecca Holcombe

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