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Conversation With Independent Burlington Mayoral Candidate Infinite Culcleasure

Infinite Culcleasure
Infinite Culcleasure
Infinite Culcleasure

Local elections in Vermont are held on Town Meeting Day in March.  In the past few days, two individuals have announced campaigns to challenge two-term incumbent Democratic Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger.  The first to announce is community activist Infinite Culcleasure.  He says will run as an Independent and seek support of the Progressive Party.
"I’ve been living in Burlington for decades now and I love the city and I heard that the only other competitor at this point is someone who’s an inside person, a former aide to the mayor, the current mayor, a former Democrat, maybe still a Democrat. And so I really think now is the time for transformative politics in the city of Burlington. And for the past five years I’ve been a community organizer in Burlington and I feel like I really have a pulse on what’s happening in the city right now."

Incumbent Mayor Miro Weinberger, who is seeking re-election, issued a statement Monday welcoming his challengers. It says, in part: “I welcome a spirited debate about the best way forward for our city…”

Independent Carina Driscoll is also running.