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Democrat Jones Wins 115th Assembly Race To Replace Retiring Republican Duprey

Democrat Billy Jones (left) and Republican Kevin Mulverhill
Candidates' Facebook pages
Democrat Billy Jones (left) and Republican Kevin Mulverhill

A Democrat has been elected to New York’s 115th state Assembly district seat, which was held for more than 30 years by Republicans.
The race to replace retiring Assemblywoman Republican Janet Duprey saw Republican Kevin Mulverhill, the current Franklin County sheriff, challenge Democrat D. Billy Jones, the Franklin County Legislature chair.

Jones is pleased to have won the race by 2,179 votes over Mulverhill.   “In my past I’ve done things in a bipartisan manner and reached across the aisle to get things done for my constituents and I will continue to do that as the Assembly representative in the 115th district.  I think it's important that we work, ah, work no matter if it be Democrat, Republican, unaffiliated, whatever party you are. I will work and represent the people of the 115th district to try to get things done for the residents of the North Country and of the 115th district.”

Mulverhill did not return calls in time for broadcast.  Outgoing Assemblywoman Janet Duprey asked him to run for her seat and actively campaigned for him.  She is disappointed.   “It would be disingenuous for me to say I'm not disappointed.  I certainly wanted Kevin to win. That having been said I have worked with Billy Jones. I spoke with Billy, called and congratulated him. But they sure spent a lot of money to get him there. And we knew that going in but  underestimated how much money would go into it. And I’m not trying to be negative when I say that.  I think we look at that at the national level. Certainly Congresswoman Stefanik who deserves to get reelected had a lot more money than her opponent. It baffles me when there's 8-900,000 dollars spent for a position that pays $80,000 a year.”

The district includes all of Clinton and Franklin counties and four towns in St. Lawrence County.  More Democrats are registered in Clinton and Franklin counties than Republicans.  With about 4,000 absentee ballots awaiting a count, Clinton County Democratic Chair Sara Rowden doesn’t think there will be a change in the overall result and feels a Democrat in the seat will be an advantage.  “With the attention that there has been on the North Country and Governor Cuomo’s initiatives and efforts to highlight the value of the North Country and this area that having an assembly person who is in the majority, but from up here, it will help to draw attention to the needs of upstate. And the spread is significant enough of what Billy Jones won by that I don't think that it's going to change.”

Duprey has held the Assembly seat for the past decade.

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