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Staff members for US Sen. Scott Brown war whoop in video

Staff members for GOP U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and the Massachusetts Republican Party are seen shouting war whoops and performing tomahawk chops in a new video.

The actions are an apparent reference to Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American heritage.

A Massachusetts Republican party spokesman confirmed one of its field coordinators, Brad Garnett, is seen leading whoops and making tomahawk gestures.

State Democratic officials identified another individual making tomahawk motions as Jack Richard, a member of Brown's US Senate office.

The Brown campaign wouldn't say if any campaign staffers were involved and did not return calls and emails.

The video was posted online by the Democrat-leaning Blue Mass Group, which said the video was taken at a Brown rally Saturday.

Brown told reporters Tuesday he hadn't seen the video, but it's not something he'd condone.

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