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Fearless Predictions For 2020

Every year I offer my fearless WAMC predictions. I do that with some trepidation because sometimes I have been wrong. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here are the rules: I predict some of these things because I want them to happen. Some I predict in order to put the whammy on them so that they don’t happen and some I actually think will happen. It’s up to you to figure out which is which.

Here goes:

Donald Trump will be caught in an illegal act so heinous that his usual excuse that he can’t be prosecuted will be reversed by the United States Supreme Court. Speaking for the majority, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will announce from the bench that in this country, no man is above the law.

Thousands of people will gather in front of New York’s Trump Tower and scream, “Lock him up!” at the top of their lungs.

Rudy Giuliani will take a plea in the Southern District of New York and receive a jail sentence after one of his Russian clients spills the beans.

Attorney General William Barr will resign his office and be heard to mutter, “This just isn’t worth it.”

A blessed event will happen to someone in our Annex building.

A marriage will take place that got its start at WAMC. It won’t be the first.

Governor Andrew Cuomo will ask to be on WAMC’s airwaves once again.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting will significantly lower the amount allotted from federal funds to WAMC.

The WAMC newsroom will gain a new staff member. She will have a major editorial position.

Someone will write to me saying, “You are too old. Time to retire.” I will give that someone a lecture on ageism.

The Pie in the Sky restaurant next door to WAMC will feature rare roast beef.

A day later, Pie in the Sky will feature Roast Beef Soup.

The Albany Police will make a homicide arrest on Central Avenue.

Andrew Cuomo will marry for a second time.

The WAMC News Director, Ian Pickus, will receive a long due coveted award.

Someone will opine that Chartock decides what news stories will be covered. That will be denied and a law suit from WAMC will ensue. An apology will follow.

WAMC’s Selma Kaplan will be offered a very lucrative recording contract.

An executive at WAMC will celebrate his fiftieth anniversary with his long- suffering wife.

The WAMC underwriting staff will outdo themselves setting an all-time record for underwriting contracts.

WAMC will have the fastest fund drive in history. It will be so remarkable that both the Albany Times Union and the Berkshire Eagle will future three column bold faced headlines announcing the news.

Joe Donahue will be given the highest literary award possible for his work on books. I will say, “It’s about time.”

The Albany Police will stake out the WAMC parking lot and make an arrest for public urination.

WAMC will receive a top educational award for its work sending kids to school with full backpacks to help them succeed

A substantial gift will be sent to WAMC from a contributor who will say, “I have been listening to WAMC for years and have never made a contribution.” The amount of the check will be so generous that no one on our staff will be able to believe it. When we call to thank our angel, she will say, “I don’t need the money, the people do.”

National Public Radio will aggravate WAMC staff on at least three separate occasions when they poach WAMC stories without giving credit to the radio station.

Wanda Fischer will officially break a record for longevity on the air.

WAMC will change its vacation schedule. No longer will Christmas Eve day be a day off for the station. People will call to thank the station for having a morning panel. There will, however, be early dismissal at 2:00 PM.

Dr. Alan Chartock is professor emeritus at the University at Albany. He hosts the weekly Capitol Connection series, heard on public radio stations around New York. The program, for almost 12 years, highlighted interviews with Governor Mario Cuomo and now continues with conversations with state political leaders. Dr. Chartock also appears each week on The Media Project and The Roundtable and offers commentary on Morning Edition, weekdays at 7:40 a.m.
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