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Job One

As I write this the impeachment process continues.

To many of the people who are WAMC listeners the Trump presidency represents a turning point in American history. Are we like the Holy Roman Empire doomed after so much power and promise? Is this point in our history that proves to be crucial to the future? To those who believe that Trump is a dangerous demagogue it is so important that every piece of information be out there. Believe me it will count. There are those who think that in a time of extraordinary  privilege for some that those on top are determined not to let go of their advantage. The question, of course, is whether Donald Trump, as Nancy Pelosi asserts, is a crook. This is when Americans have to be tuned in and decide whether Trump is worthy or whether he should be thrown out.

This is why we play the hearings. We are being told by some that they would rather have morning Roundtable Panel than the hearings which we are playing in their entirety. Some folks believe that it is possible to have both at the same time which we really can’t do. Are there criticisms of the way that NPR is conducting its news operations. There are, and believe me, I am getting mail suggesting that NPR is going “soft” on Trump; that they are bending over backwards to be “fair,” and that they are doing that to buttress the government funding that is so much a part of their ability to continue. WAMC turns over a huge part of what it gets from its listener to NPR which with its vast bureaucracy spends it often with a rather obvious attempt to control its member stations.

When I listen to the hearings and I hear the constant interruptions by the NPR hosts I scratch my head and wonder whether the are doing that out of inordinate ego needs to remind us that they are there. Frankly it infuriates me in the same way their constant reminders to tell their smart speakers to play NPR and then, in an almost condescending manner remind people that they can also ask their speakers to play member stations by name.

In any case, we are committed to playing the hearings that can be very painful when you are hearing someone with who you greatly disagree. WAMC has Congressional Corner segment in which every one of the Congress persons in our visit listening area are offered time. Most take it. They are always treated courteously and they continue to show up. One who plays very hard to get for interviews is Elise Stefanie who has been playing such a crucial role in the impeachment hearings.

It is a matter of public record that Stephanic, one of the few women Nader under forty Republicans, originally had terrible things to say about Donald Trump when he was running for the Presidency. Now however, Stefanik became one of his main defenders in the Congressional hearings. No matter what you think of this change of heart you got to hear it for yourself as WAMC played almost every word of the hearings. No one told you what to think about Stefanic. You got to hear her for herself as she reiterated the Trump defenders talking points.

Trump has been losing gubernatorial elections in places like Kentucky and Louisiana in the same way he lost crucial Congressional elections that led to the Democratic control of the House of Representatives, his worst nightmare. It’s amazing that the citizens of this country are capable, when given the ability to hear and listen for themselves, can make the difference. There are those who think that Trump is  a hero and others who believe him to be the ultimate scoundrel.

WAMC is here to bring you his words and those of his critics like Nancy Pelosi. That is what we are all about. We will continue to live up to your expectations. In the end, that’s our job.

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