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Paul Elisha: A Birthday Salute To Alan Chartock

  ‘Til now, I’ve not thought to say this on the air--- but I can’t think, why not.  Truth be told, it’s over-due.

Not everyone who listens agrees with everything you’ve said.  In all our years together (and they are many) I’ve also not agreed with all you’ve said or done.  But this I know and totally believe:  Without what some have called, your “Rant and Rave!” the miracle we all know WAMC to be, would never have materialized nor blossomed.

My view is simple.  Without your words and efforts, there would have been no stellar musical moments… no political palaver by commentators of every sort… No bards  on “A Bard’s-Eye-View” nor poetry lovers’ calls, on the Poetry Forum.  In truth, no multi-outlet miracle for fans and/or nit-pickers, who still find fault with your

”Rant and Rave!”  To which I say: “Rave on (Boss-Friend), for as long as you’re able…

And the marvelous miracle of your creation will ‘Rave On!’ – For all of us.

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