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Albany County Exec Signs 'Toxic Toy' Ban


Albany County Executive Dan McCoy signed the so-called 'toxic toy' ban on Wednesday, banning the sale of children’s toys and other items which contain potentially dangerous chemicals. 

Last fall, consumer advocates released a list of toys that contain harmful chemicals like lead and arsenic.

The Toxic Toy Act was passed by the Albany County Legislature on December 8th.  

Local Law J prohibits the sale of children's product or apparel containing toxic metals.   Albany County Executive Dan McCoy says “someone has to take the lead” on the issue.

“We’re hoping that on the national level, this sends a ripple effect, like dropping a little pellet in a pond, and the ripples going through,  we’re hoping to change it on the state and federal side, and I’m gonna lobby hard in the Senate and Assembly to get this passed thru all of New York State.”

The law takes effect in 2016 and will be enforced by the county health department.

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