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WAMC Launches New Instagram Series

A Face For Radio Video Series

Hello from inside! This is Sarah LaDuke, the Producer of The Roundtable and The Book Show on WAMC - and I contribute interviews to The Roundtable. 

Under “normal" circumstances, The Roundtable features The Roundtable Panel, a current events discussion from 9 to 10:50 a.m. featuring WAMC President, CEO, and Political Commentator Alan Chartock, The Roundtable and Book Show host Joe Donahue and a rotating team of panelists. Then we air The Congressional Corner where Alan speaks with members of the U.S. Congress, Senate, or a political scientist or pollster. The 11 to noon hour of the show usually features assorted interviews and segments; frequently spotlighting artists and arts organizations in and beyond our region.  

During the pandemic, the last hour of our show is often preempted by vital updates from one executive or another - typically New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. It is very important to hear what he has to say each day and we are glad to be able to bring it to our listeners. Joe's other interviews feature not-for-profits that are helping people cope with these uncertain and confusing times and experts and authors who talk about assorted serious topics related to COVID-19 or other serious issues. 

But we’re missing our friends in the arts.

We're starting a new series of arts interviews on the WAMCRadio Instagram account. They will be live and I will be doing them from my home where I have been working for the past four weeks. It’s called “A Face for Radio Video Series.”

In this time, I, like many other people all over the country and the world, have tried to develop a schedule and set parameters for what is work time and what isn’t. If you set up an office in your dining room, where do you eat dinner? (On the couch, solidifying your husband’s familiarity with the oeuvre of Jim Henson, naturally.) 

I shower in the morning, make coffee, and wear clothes rather than sweats or pjs. But I immediately stopped wearing make-up or spending any time on my hair. It’s freeing, and you know what? I look fine. So, that will be what I do for the video series and ask my guests to do, too. Come as you are, I woke up like this, etc. We haven't decided on a regular schedule, but will promote each interview on WAMC's social media accounts as they are confirmed. 

We are launching on Thursday, April 16 at 1 p.m and our first guest will be Pioneer Valley-based musician, writer, and producer Erin McKeown.

Other upcoming guests include Broadway’s Kate Baldwin, Jason Daniely, Graham Rowat, and Elizabeth Stanley - all of whom often perform in our region; co-founder of the Brooklyn Raga Massive Neel Murgai, musician and producer McQueen, singer-songwriter Billy Keane, music director Dan Pardo, writer Sam Anderson, representatives from The Berkshire International Film Festival, MASS MoCA, The Mopco Improv Theater, Munson Williams Proctor Arts InstitutePS21 Chatham, Troy Foundry Theatre, and The Woodstock Film Festival.

I'm excited to have the opportunity and the outlet, and I hope our area creatives will bring you joy and inspiration through these conversations.

From all of us at WAMC, our best to you during these difficult days.

Sarah has been a public radio producer for over a decade. She grew up in Saranac Lake, New York where she worked part-time at Pendragon Theatre all through high school and college. She graduated from UAlbany in 2006 with a BA in English and started at WAMC a few weeks later as a part-time board-op in the control room. Through a series of offered and seized opportunities she is now the Senior Contributing Producer of The Roundtable and Producer of The Book Show.
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