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Musicians of Ma’alwyck - The Matador's Prayer: A Celebration of Spanish Music & Culture


  Audiences are accustomed to watching musicians perform, it is part of the concert experience, and while you can close your eyes and still relish the music, part of the enjoyment of a live concert is seeing the music played.

But for the visual artist, the creation is a private affair, the final product, though a piece of art, is a presentation only. And though composers must rely on instrumentalists and their interpretation to deliver the musical arts, a visual artist relies only upon his or her own inanimate medium of canvas or clay.

On Saturday, September 13 at 3pm at the First Reformed Church in the Stockade, Musicians of Ma’alwyck turns that artistic process around by having an artist finish his painting, which was begun during their rehearsal process, on “stage.” To tell us more, we welcome artist Scott Nelson Foster and Musicians of Ma’alwyck Director Ann-Marie Barker Schwartz.

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