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From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden at The Hyde Collection

From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden presents over seventy-five lithographs, etchings, collograph plates, screenprints, drypoints, monoprints, and engravings; all created over a span of thirty years. Together they demonstrate how Romare Bearden, considered one of America's most important and inventive artists, experimented, innovated, and collaborated on his journey toward mastery of the print medium.

This exhibition at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls offers an opportunity to examine Bearden's printmaking process revealed through his investigation of a particular image, theme, or technique. The exhibit opened in October and closes January 6th, still giving you an opportunity to see this amazing show.

We are joined by Erin Coe, chief curator and interim co-director of the Hyde Collection and associate curator, Jayne Stokes who is the curator of the Bearden exhibition.

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