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2011 Academic Minute Senior Superlatives

The 2011 Academic Minute Senior Superlatives:

Social Butterfly
Dr. Corey Angst, Notre Dame University - The iPad in the Classroom
Dr. Angst's Academic Minute on using the iPad in the classroom got the most hits in the social media arena. Here's to a man who is certainly tweet-worthy.

Best Smile - 2 Winners
Dr. Nicholas Leadbeater, University of Connecticut - The Chemistry of Toast
Dr. Leadbeater's presentation about the chemistry of bread crust brought a smile to listeners' faces as he enthusiastically explained the process, using a real-life example to explain hard science.

Dr. Randi Epstein, Columbia University - What Makes a Great Sperm Donor?
Dr. Epstein not only entertained listeners with her presentation on sperm and sperm donors, but engaged and enlightened them with an exploration of this interesting topic.

Miss(ter) Congeniality
Dr. Meagan Curtis, Purchase College, State University of New York
Through exemplary elocution in her segment about the voice and sadness, Dr. Curtis was able to convey her research in a manner which left the audience better informed about science and themselves.

Best Press
Robert Meckel, The University of Texas at Austin
Since joining The Academic Minute family, Robert Meckel and his team have provided timely responses to requests and presented listeners with wonderful ideas from his institution.

Most School Spirit
Lock Haven University, spearheaded by Mary White
Mary White and Lock Haven University have not only been proactive in putting out the call for professors to contribute, but they have also helped promote The Academic Minute to alumni and students online and in their school magazine.

Best Couple
Steve Bradt & Contribution Professors, Harvard University
Steve Bradt's enthusiasm for The Academic Minute brought the best of his university's research to an engaged audience across the nation.

Most Likely to Succeed
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, spearheaded by Mark Marchand & Michael Mullaney
RPI has been an integral part of the team since the segment's inception, and we foresee the institution remaining a part of the family for years to come.

The President's Award
Dr. Jennifer Hoyer, University of Arkansas - Rilke and Lady Gaga
Dr. Hoyer's segment on Lady Gaga and Rilke combines serious scholarly work and mainstream pop culture.  It is witty, thought-provoking, and completely unexpected.

All segments aired between 7/6/10 - 7/5/11 were considered.