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#1444: Resisting Extremism And Singing Helps Sexual Assault Survivors

Courtesy of Daily Action

On this week’s 51%, we speak with the founder of a daily text service to promote progressive policies. We’ll hear about a Marine Corps photo scandal and how sexual assault survivors heal in harmony. I’m Allison Dunne and this is 51%.

Daily Action is a daily text service to promote progressive policies via phone-call activism. In fact, Daily Action’s tag line is “Resisting Extremism, One Phone Call at a Time.” Subscribers receive a daily text message about an issue and a hotline number they can click to call. Once they click the number and listen to a recorded summary of the issue, callers are connected to their lawmakers or the target of the action. Journalist Laura Moser founded Daily Action after Donald Trump was elected president, to provide subscribers with quick, concrete ways to fight back against his policies. I spoke with Moser about her plans for Daily Action and more about what prompted her to start it. 

That was Laura Moser, founder of Daily Action, a daily text service to promote progressive policies. Daily Action is produced in collaboration with Creative Majority PAC, a political action committee of the creative class and powered by Revolution Messaging, led by members of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Moser’s husband, by the way, served in former President Obama’s administration as videographer. Laura Moser has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Slate, and many other publications.

A North Carolina investigative journalist recently revealed that hundreds of Marines may have shared nude photos of female colleagues and friends on social media. The revelations come as military leaders fight an ongoing battle to change the Marine Corps culture. Jay Price reports.

This story was produced by the American Homefront Project.

Meanwhile, U.S. Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand questioned Robert Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps, March 14, at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the illicit images of female service members, veterans and civilians circulated by U.S. Marines, former Marines, and civilians. Here’s Gillibrand, a Democrat.

That was U.S. Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand, and Marine Corps Commandant Robert Neller during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Marine Corps photo scandal.

Sexual assault is not an easy thing to talk about. One group in Minnesota is trying to help survivors use their voices again. KFAI's Sophie Nikitas reports.

Sexual assaults can be especially horrific if they happen far away from home. Research shows that American college students studying abroad are sexually assaulted at least as often as they are in the U.S. And there usually are few places they can turn for help. John Thomas from the University of North Carolina reports.  

And that's our show this week. Thanks to Patrick Garrett for production assistance. Our executive producer is Dr. Alan Chartock. Our theme music is Glow in the Dark by Kevin Bartlett. This show is a national production of Northeast Public Radio. If you’d like to hear this show again, sign up for our podcast, or visit the 51% archives on our web site at wamc.org. And follow us on Twitter @51PercentRadio

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