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#1433: Millennial Women And Feminism, Fertility Treatments And The VA

Dr. Alison Dahl Crossley

On this week’s 51%, we’ll hear about what millennial women think about feminism. Then we tune into a tribute to Maya Angelou and bring you a story about fertility treatments and the VA. I’m Allison Dunne and this is 51%.

The word "feminist" has become a bit of a lightning rod, with some women claiming they believe in equality for the sexes but don't claim the word 'feminist' for themselves. And on college campuses feminist activism takes different forms depending on where you go to school. So what do millennial women really think about feminism, and how do they take action to achieve it? Dr. Alison Dahl Crossley is the Associate Director of The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University and travelled to three college campuses across the country to understand the state of feminism for young women, today.  Lauren Schiller of Inflection Point from KALW shares her conversation with Dr. Crossley. 

That was Lauren Schiller, host of Inflection Point, produced at KALW in San Francisco, speaking with Dr. Alison Dahl Crossley of the Clayman Insititute for Gender Research at Stanford University. Dr. Crossley's new book Finding Feminism: Millennial Activists and the Unfinished Gender Revolution will be out this spring. Hear more of the interview as well as Lauren's other conversations at inflectionpointradio.org.

We tend to remember Maya Angelou for her activism in the United States. But a recent tribute at James Madison University in Virginia showed her poetry’s global appeal. And as John Last discovered, Angelou’s influences were as much African as they were American.

Now we have a story about a rarely-talked-about consequence of military service — the thousands of American veterans whose combat injures have left them infertile.  And for the first time, Congress is trying to address the issue. A newly-passed law directs the VA to start paying for wounded veterans' fertility treatments, including in-vitro fertilization for veterans and their spouses. Patricia Murphy spoke with a family who lobbied for the new law.  

And that's our show this week. Thanks to Patrick Garrett for production assistance. Our executive producer is Dr. Alan Chartock. Our theme music is Glow in the Dark by Kevin Bartlett. This show is a national production of Northeast Public Radio. If you’d like to hear this show again, sign up for our podcast, or visit the 51% archives on our web site at wamc.org. And follow us on Twitter @51PercentRadio  

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