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#1404: Empowering Women And Girls In Africa

Dr. Haoua Hamza is a professor at Niagara University in upstate New York. Her Global Network for Niger (GNN) is more than a year old and continues its goal of assisting women and children in Africa with health and education concerns, despite attacks by Boko Haram in her own hometown of Diffa, a small city in southeastern Niger, West Africa. Dr. Hamza talks about GNN’s mission.

That was Dr. Haoua Hamza talking about GNN, her NGO whose mission is to empower girls and women of Niger for a sustainable future."  http://globalnetworkniger.net/  

We now turn elsewhere in Africa, but stick to a theme of education. As many students have planned or are planning what to do this summer, High School Senior, Eavan Burke, talks about  life-changing experience last summer, on the tea plantations of Kenya,. She decided to aid to the workers by creating a non-profit organization. For more information, visit www.kupatia.com

And we hear from another teen who did not have to go far to gain a different perspective. Youth Radio's Natalie Battendorf discovers how taking a wrong turn can lead to the right path. 

Diane Carlson Evans was a U.S. Army Nurse during the Vietnam War. She survived indescribable trauma, felt resented when she returned to the U.S., and kept her bitterness and her tears inside for many years. Then she founded the Vietnam Womens' Memorial Project, and helped hundreds of women veterans tell their stories of Vietnam. 

This summer, a municipal pool that maintains female-only hours so that Hasidic Jewish women can swim with no men present has raised alarms in New York City. Critics say the accommodation to a particular religious group violates the constitutional separation of church and state. But defenders say the women-only swim sessions at the Metropolitan Recreation Center give women whose community separates the sexes a rare chance to exercise. The pool hours sparked controversy after the city's Commission on Human Rights received an anonymous tip that the pool might be violating the city's human rights law. The city Parks Department says it is reviewing its policy, but the women-only sessions, which occur four times per week, will remain in effect for now.  

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