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Song Premiere: Bob Dylan, 'Stay With Me'

Bob Dylan's next album, <em>Shadows In The Night</em>, out on February 3, is a selection of songs made famous by Frank Sinatra.
William Claxton
Courtesy of the artist
Bob Dylan's next album, Shadows In The Night, out on February 3, is a selection of songs made famous by Frank Sinatra.

Trying to predict a musical future is impossible. I have proof: Bob Dylan is recording songs Frank Sinatra made popular! No one saw this coming and nothing could prepare us for it. It's weird and kind of wonderful. Here's a man clearly in love with the Great American Songbook and despite his restricted vocal he's brave enough to tackle it.

And so here it is: On the version of "Stay With Me" he released in 1964, Sinatra was backed by a big band and orchestra. Dylan's new version is distilled down for a five-piece band, recorded live in the studio in one or two takes for Shadows in the Night, the all-Sinatra covers album coming out on Feb. 3.

So what do you think of this: A hidden gem uncovered? Or something else?

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