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United States Stays Afloat in World Cup

The U.S. soccer team fought its way to a 1-1 tie against Italy on Saturday in its second World Cup game. The game was critical for the United States, which took a devastating loss in its opening match last week.

Even though the Americans didn't win against Italy, the draw is enough to keep the U.S. team in the tournament.

After their 3-0 loss last week to the Czech Republic, the Americans were under heavy pressure to stave off a loss to the Italians and keep their World Cup chances alive. Despite the high stakes and the stiff competition, fans remained deliriously optimistic.

The United States will take on Ghana on Thursday and a tie won't be good enough then. The United States will have to win that game by several goals in order to advance into the second round of the tournament.

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Rachel Martin is a host of Morning Edition, as well as NPR's morning news podcast Up First.