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CRUMBS Panel - 11/13/08 - Music for Film and Television


Albany, NY – Composers, publishers and others connected to the business of film and tv music production join hosts Paul Rapp and Paul Czech.

This month's panel:
Gary Burke
Steve Ellis
Rich Tozzoli
Nathaniel Reichman

Gary Burke of Finishline Music Publishing - Artist and Producer Gary has managed an esteemed career as drummer for Bob Dylan, Graham Parker and many others. He is best known to the public for his long tenure on drums on over a dozen albums with Joe Jackson.

Steve Ellis president of Pump Audio - Founded in 2001, Pump Audio is a new kind of agent for independent musicians, digitally connecting them with buyers in the mainstream media. With Pump Audio, artists can license their music into productions without giving up any ownership, while TV and advertising producers can discover new music ready for use.

Rich Tozzoli: television composer richtozzoli.com . Rich's music was recently featured on "Americas Next Top Model", VH-1's "Best Week Ever" and Speed Channels "Nopi Tunervision". Additional new shows include YES Networks "Ultimate Roadtrip", CBS "In Turn 2" and HGTV "Haulin' House.

Nathaniel Reichman: nathanielreichman.com Nathaniel a music producer and mixing engineer specializing in contemporary classical music and music for television. He has assisted composers Philip Glass, Ahrin Mishan, John Luther Adams, and Michael Small in the studio and the performance hall. His musical sound design can be heard in Glass' score to Godfrey Reggio's latest film, Naqoyqatsi, released by Miramax. He has mixed, edited and produced many of John Luther Adams' classical recordings, and regularly does editing and mastering for music publisher Boosey & Hawkes