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LG Hochul Gets Vaccine As Cuomo Resignation Calls Increase

LG Kathy Hochul gets the COVID vaccine
LG Kathy Hochul gets the COVID vaccine

A majority of New York's Congressional Democrats are now calling on the governor to resign, while the Democratic led state Assembly announced it has opened an impeachment investigation. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul did make a public appearance today, to receive a dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

Hochul said she wants to convey that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is safe, and just as good an option as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

“I’m aware that in certain communities there’s a hesitation about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine ,” Hochul said. “People are talking about this on social media. People are spreading rumors, lies.”

Hochul says she has “100% confidence” in all three of the vaccines.  

Hochul, at age 62, recently became eligible to receive the vaccine. She says she will now soon be able to visit with her father, who lives in Florida and who she has not seen in a year.

Hochul did not mention Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the event was closed to the media, so she did answer any questions on the sexual harassment and nursing home scandals surrounding the governor.

The Johnson &Johnson vaccine has a 72% effective rate, compared to the 90% range for Pfizer and Moderna, but is considered extremely effective in preventing severe forms of the disease, including hospitalization and death.

New York state plans to offer the Johnson and Johnson vaccine during extended hours  at some state run sites in the coming weeks, and expand distribution as more does are manufactured and become available.  

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