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NY-21 Democratic Primary Race Called For Tedra Cobb

Tedra Cobb at the People's Forum at SUNY Plattsburgh
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Tedra Cobb at the People's Forum at SUNY Plattsburgh

Tedra Cobb will advance from Tuesday's Democratic primary in New York's 21st Congressional district to face two-term Republican Elise Stefanik, according to an Associated Press race call late Tuesday. Cobb defeated four challengers in the northern New York district.

Cobb announced her candidacy in early July 2017.

The former St. Lawrence County legislator from Canton said her strategy was been successful in garnering endorsements and voter support.

“We have been strategic from the beginning. We had the Post-Star endorsement, which is an honor. We have consistently done well and led in fundraising. We’ve done everything that I think we could have done and our message is right. We’re talking about the issues that people are facing. We’re talking about health care. We’re talking about the high cost of prescription drugs. We’re talking about you know access to education. We’re talking about the environment.  We’re talking about the things that matter to people in Northern New York. So I feel strong about our message.”

The National Republican Congressional Committtee quickly blasted Cobb in a statement:

"Democrats had several moderate candidates who fit the district to choose from, but instead they chose Tedra Cobb. She’s running on a record marred by tax increases on middle-class families and she would be yet another rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi in Congress.

Rep. Stefanik also released a statement on Cobb's victory:

"Tonight we congratulate Tedra Cobb on winning the Democratic primary and welcome her to the general election.  

“This election offers voters a clear choice. Congresswoman Stefanik has united Republicans, Conservatives, Democrats, and Independents with her bipartisan, independent record of delivering real results for hard-working families and small businesses, our seniors and military service men and women, and our veterans across the North Country. In contrast, our opponent emerges from a weak, divisive Democratic primary as the out of touch, liberal, hyper-partisan, tax-and-spend candidate of the general election."

“No one works harder in serving the people of the 21st District than Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, and we look forward to a spirited campaign focused on the issues that matter. With thousands of grassroots supporters and volunteers from every county across our District, we will work tirelessly to communicate and share Elise’s record of real results, to earn every vote, and to win in November."