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Maloney On Nixon's Run: No Time For "Circular Firing Squad Nonsense"

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney
Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney

Hudson Valley Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney urged Cynthia Nixon not to run for governor before the “Sex and the City” star launched her campaign. Now that Nixon has made it official, Maloney — a Democrat from the 18th district — is coming to the aid of second-term Governor Andrew Cuomo. Speaking on WAMC’s Congressional Corner today, Maloney credited Cuomo for pushing through same-sex marriage in 2011, among other issues.

"I don't have time for Cynthia Nixon's circular firing squad nonsense," Maloney said. "The issue is putting a leash around Donald Trump. Andrew Cuomo was going to spend the next six months helping me beat Trump's henchmen in the House of Representatives, taking back control of the House, and pumping the brakes on this guy. Instead he's going to be having this holier than thou conversation with an actress who has no record to match the governor's."

Sarah Ford, a spokesperson for the Nixon campaign, responded in a statement:

"It tells you everything you need to know about Andrew Cuomo that his new attack dog is a corporate lawyer turned centrist politician who tried to block and delay key parts of Obamacare, backed the keystone pipeline, and voted to crack down on refugees. By contrast, we’ll proudly stand with true progressives across this state like the Working Families Party and Citizen Action every day of the week."

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