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Police: Recently Re-elected Mayor Of Gloversville Arrested

Dayton King
NYS Police

UPDATED 12/9/17 9:30 a.m.

New York State Police say they have arrested the recently reelected mayor of Gloversville. Dayton King is facing a misdemeanor official misconduct charge. Police say he used his public office to gain access to the personnel information of a city firefighter, Bill Rowback Jr. Rowback was King’s opponent in the Republican mayoral primary and general election and was thought to have unseated King until a recount reversed the result. King allegedly used the information during a local radio debate. Personnel info that appeared to come from Rowback’s file has also appeared on social media. Police say King voluntarily turned himself in for processing. He is due in Johnstown town court December 20 at 6 p.m.

Rowback tells WAMC News Friday afternoon that he contacted state police after the radio debate on Oct. 28.

In a Facebook post Friday, Rowback called for King to step down:

"It is now 100% clear that Mayor Dayton King won this election by breaking the law. Mayor King abused his position and used my confidential personnel file for political points. Mayor Dayton King should resign."

King did not return a message seeking comment from WAMC, but also posted a video to Facebook responding to the allegations.

King said it was Rowback that pushed him reveal details of his personnel file during the October 28th debate. During that exchange, King told Rowback he had looked at his file. Rowback then asked why he had not been considered for an investigator position under "every chief."

After playing a recording of the debate in his video, King said “this investigation and this charge is an example of how politics can be ugly.”

He added that he will remain positive and will “move this city forward.”

Relations between King and local Republicans have been strained, and King left the party after the latest election. Even before Friday’s arrest, Fulton County Republican Committee Chair Susan McNeil said there were questions about how the information got out. She spoke with WAMC News Wednesday.

“As of this moment the fire chief still has not received a FOIL request for Bill’s personal file, so for Dayton to do that, which I don’t understand, that is against civil law,” McNeil said.

King told Rowback during the debate that his file was public and that "anyone can FOIL that information."

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