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Eyeing health care, Douglas takes over NGA


Montpelier, VT – Vermont Governor Jim Douglas took over as Chairman of the National Governors Association on Monday During his one-year term, he will make health care reform his top priority. WAMC's Pat Bradley reports.

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas was named the Chair of the National Governors' Association as the group completed it's annual meeting on Monday. Douglas plans to focus on health care reform during his year-long tenure, calling his initiative "Rx for Health Reform: Affordable, Accessible, Accountable".

Governor Douglas talked about his initiative via conference call, outlining the urgency for states to be prepared to reduce health care costs regardless of health care reforms being considered in Congress .

Douglas' initiative does not parallel all of the Democratic Congressional reforms. He is opposed to a public option.

Governor Douglas says his initiative does not indicate whether the Governors think national health care reform will - or will not - pass the Congress.

Douglas' initiative will help states transition to new health care systems; develop system improvements and cost-containment measures; and prepare for implementation of national reforms.