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Book Picks - Golden Notebook

Book covers for the books listed below on this page
provided - assorted publishers
provided - assorted publishers

Book Picks was pre-empted this week by special coverage from NPR. James Conrad from The Golden Notebook in Woodstock, NY sent his Book Picks list for us to post online.

Forget the Alamo by Bryan Burrough, Chris Tomlinson and Jason Stanford
Run: Book One by John Lewis Andrew Aydin, L. Fury and Nate Powell
Crying in the H Mart: A Memoir by Michelle Zauner
Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby
One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston
The Music Experience: Playing-Listening-Singing-Moving by Karl Berger and Rick Maurer
Everybody: A Book about Freedom by Olivia Laing
New York Paradise Lost: Bushwick Era Disco by Meryl Meisler