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Maya Beiser x Philip Glass - Album Out Today And Concert At Hudson Hall

Album Cover for Maya Beiser x Philip Glass
Islandia Music Records
Islandia Music Records

On Saturday, July 24 at 7p.m., cellist, arranger, and producer Maya Beiser will be joined with a group of all-star cellists in a sold-out concert to perform Maya Beiser x Philip Glass at Hudson Hall in Hudson, New York. 

Drawn from her latest album (which was recorded at Hudson Hall in the winter of 2021), the immersive performance brings together an astounding group of avant-garde cellists to create a multi-layered sound sculpture, exploring and unveiling new dimensions in some of Philip Glass’s most powerful and achingly beautiful works.

Maya’s solo album, "Maya Beiser x Philip Glass," came out on her Islandia Music Records label today!

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