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New Theatre Piece "Persou" Celebrates Spring And Cypriot Culture

Poster for "Persou"

Multi-talented theatre creators Ellpetha Tsivicos and Camilo Quiroz-Vazquez will present the world premiere of “Persou,” an experiential festival celebrating Spring at Nancy Manocherian's the cell Theatre in Manhattan Wednesdays through Saturdays through June 5.

“Persou” is directed by Ellpetha Tsivicos and written by Camilo Quiroz-Vazquez, who previously collaborated in August of last year on the immersive, socially-distanced outdoor play Quince - which marked the first live theatre event in NYC during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ellpetha Tsivicos and Camilo Quiroz-Vazques joined Sarah LaDuke on WAMC’s Instagram “A Face for Radio Video Series” to talk about “Quince” and they’re back to speak their new piece.


"Persou" is a participatory experience where audiences will be transported to an ancient ceremony worshipping the Goddess Persefoni at the Temple of Aphrodite in Paphos, Cyprus.

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