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Tim Vercellotti Of The Western New England University Polling Institute

Tim Vercellotti
Western New England University
Western New England University

The polling industry and election forecasters suffered another embarrassing election night that will call into question the usefulness of public opinion surveys and horse race political coverage that appeared to once again underestimate President Trump’s support.

Votes are still being tallied, meaning the final verdict on polling and forecasting may not be known for several days, but the results so far are much closer than most analysts predicted in the lead-up to Election Day.

The polls in Florida, Iowa, Ohio and Texas — all states won by President Trump — were mostly wrong, though Democratic nominee Joe Biden appears to have the upper hand in the race for 270 electoral votes and is the favorite to be the next president.

Tim Vercellotti of the Western New England University poll and professor of political science joins us this morning to talk about what went right and what went wrong on Tuesday.