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"Traitor" By David Rothkopf Looks At The History Of American Betrayal

Book cover for "Traitor" by David Rothkopf
Thomas Dunne Books
Thomas Dunne Books

David Rothkopf is an author and commentator who has written extensively on politics, power and national security. His new book is: "Traitor: A History of American Betrayal from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump."

Exploring the actions of some of the most famous traitors in U.S. history, including Jefferson Davis, Benedict Arnold, and Tokyo Rose, Rothkopf looks to put Donald Trump into historical context.

David Rothkopf’s recent books include Great Questions of Tomorrow, National Insecurity, Superclass, and Running the World. He is a former senior official in the Clinton Administration and has taught international affairs at Columbia, Georgetown, and Johns Hopkins.

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