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"Abandoned: America’s Lost Youth And The Crisis Of Disconnection" By Anne Kim

Book cover: Abandoned: America’s Lost Youth and the Crisis of Disconnection

For the majority of young adults today, the transition to independence is a time of excitement and possibility. But nearly five million young people experience entry into adulthood as abrupt abandonment, a time of disconnection from school, work, and family.

For this growing population of Americans, which includes kids aging out of foster care and those entangled with the justice system, life screeches to a halt when adulthood arrives. The new book, “Abandoned,” is an exploration of this tale of dead ends and broken dreams.

Journalist Anne Kim weaves heart-rending stories of young people navigating early adulthood alone, in communities where poverty is endemic and opportunities almost nonexistent. She then describes a growing awareness, including new research from the field of adolescent brain science, that “emerging adulthood” is just as crucial a developmental period as early childhood, and she profiles an array of unheralded programs that provide young people with the supports they need to achieve self-sufficiency.

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