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The Roundtable

Finding The Truth In Today's Deluge Of News

Joe Donahue and Bob Schieffer

From the explosion of fake news to the challenges of the 24 hour news cycle, legendary journalist Bob Schieffer examines political journalism today and those who practice it. Based on interviews with over 40 media leaders, Schieffer provides an inside look at the changing role of media and asks whether today’s citizens are more informed or just overwhelmed.

Bob Schieffer is one of broadcast journalism’s most experienced Washington reporters. He was anchor and moderator of Face the Nation, CBS News’ Sunday public affairs broadcast from May 1991 to June 2015. He also served as CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent from 1982 to 2015. Schieffer covered Washington for CBS News for 46 years and is one of the few broadcast or print journalists to have covered all four major beats in the nation’s capital—the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and Capitol Hill. 

Schieffer was in Albany, NY, last Friday moderating a discussion on fake news, information overload and media literacy for the New York State Writers Institute. He stopped by The Roundtable to talk with Joe Donahue about his newest book Overload: Finding the Truth in Today's Deluge of News.

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