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Marissa Meyer - Winter


It’s been four years since Marissa Meyer turned the fairytale world upside down with her dystopian sci-fi novel Cinder – the first of The Lunar Chronicles -  where a young girl who is part android, must outwit her evil step mother, help find the cure to a pandemic, and make sure her 'one & only' doesn’t marry the evil queen. Since then, our heroine has met up with Scarlet and Wolf, and Cress who was locked in a satellite orbiting Earth by the evil queen.

Now in the final installment of the series we meet Winter, who’s beauty rivals no other, much to the dismay of the beautiful queen. The war the novels have been working towards is well underway, and all of our female protagonists have choices to make that will hopefully end the war, and vanquish the evil queen, Lavana. I spoke with Meyer about the newest book Winter, and how she feels about saying goodbye to the series.

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