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WAMC Listening Party Playlist 1/1/22

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WAMC Listening Party playlist as aired on Saturday, January 1st, 2022:

Bastards of Young
Artist: the Replacements
Album: Tim

High School Confidential
Artist: Hasil Adkins
Album: Out to Hunch

Artist: James Blood Ulmer
Album: Freelancing

Intro/A Day Laye
Artist: Tyrannosaurs Rex
Album: A Beard of Stars

Why Worry
Artist: Aaron Neville
Album: Tell it Like it Is

Artist: Alex Chilton
Album: High Priest

So Far Away
Artist: Carole King
Album: Tapestry

Gamblin’ Charley
Artist: Michael Hurley
Album: Ancestral Swamp

The Murder Mystery/After Hours
Artist: The Velvet Underground
Album: The Velvet Underground

Pulstar/Freefall/Mare Tranaquillitatis
Artist: Vangelis
Album: Albedo 0.39