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Strange Universe: The Vega Star 5/7/23

By this summer we will see the brilliant star Vega in all its glory. This week hear how Vega, appearing slightly blue-white, is the sky's reference point for the magnitude system.

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  • The Big Bang theory, strongly supported by the cosmic microwave background and the cosmic expansion rate, says that starting 13.8 billion years ago, everything initially raced away from everything else like an inflating balloon.
  • It’s a half century since James Lovelock originated the Gaia Hypothesis – which says that our planet’s biosphere is a single intelligent entity that self-regulates conditions for the mutual benefit of all. Hear how physicists have been heading down this path for a long time and about the alternative: The universe was created from nothing.
  • For several years now, increasing data are pointing to the universe very possibly being infinite in size and inventory. Space that never ends, containing limitless galaxies, stars planets and energy. This would be a huge change from our longstanding model of a finite, but unbounded cosmos, meaning there's no physical boundary anywhere and yet the universe contains a specific amount of material and energy.