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Strange Universe: Solstice Consequences 6/26/22

The summer solstice arrived earlier this week, a funny mixture of natural events and government rulings. Things don’t change much right after the solstice, so we’re still getting very nearly the year’s maximum daily sunlight. And its strength also remains at its maximum, since it’s at its highest annual elevation even from here, and essentially straight up for people who live at the legendary Tropic of Cancer. Tune in to hear how and why the days are getting longer.

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    We are now at the new moon phase of the lunar cycle. This means all week we will be seeing crescents at twilight rather than full darkness and always low in the sky.
  • Sunday night, May 15, we see a total eclipse of the moon. It is especially welcome because for the last couple of years every lunar eclipse has been penumbral, meaning the moon failed to touch even the edge of Earth’s shadow.
  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
    Now that the good weather is here, many go out to observe nature. And the best gadget to have is binoculars. Forget telescopes unless you have a serious…