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Strange Universe 4/17/22

NASA / JPL-Caltech

The Morning Star, Venus, is about to perform a series of worthy conjunctions. Right now and for the rest of the month, it’s the brightest member of a four-planet line-up. To its lower left hovers Jupiter; to its upper right you’ll find dimmer Mars and then, highest up, Saturn.

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  • This week we’ll hear about our galaxy’s five most abundant elements, the remaining seven dozen elements (which together they make up just 4% of the universe) and the unknown dark matter.
  • Now in late March, each day at noon, the Sun stands one full Sun diameter higher than it was the day before. Hear how knowledge about the Sun is now arriving in a flood thanks to an armada of dedicated solar spacecraft such as SOHO and Stereo.
  • Since pi-day, March 14, is coming up, let’s prepare by pondering the number that has obsessed and tortured minds for centuries. This Greek letter, of course, represents the relationship between a circle and its diameter. It’s certainly known by smart alien civilizations throughout the universe. Other universe-wide numbers probably memorized by tattooed Andromeda school-kids no doubt include the four-to-one mass ratio of helium to hydrogen and the speed of light.