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Connecting Young Women with Computer Technology--The Career Women in Information Technology Program


Albany, NY – Information technology has become a critical part of our culture because of its ability to make all sorts of connections: between computers, information, and, most importantly, people. But in a field where the idea of the network is so important, women have for the most part yet to plug in to the most powerful collections of people. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, women received just 29% of all the degrees awarded in the computer and information sciences during 2001. That's about the same level as ten years ago. There's a sense among some in the industry that another contributing factor may be that women who have risen to positions of influence in the field are now reluctant to put that power on the line for other up and coming women who need mentoring. It just seems too risky. But as the women in our story point out, it's a risk worth taking. Greg Dahlmann reports.