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U.S. House Speaker McCarthy removed in historic vote

Powerful Signals, Part 1: The Young Women's Leadership School, East Harlem, New York: Part 2


Albany, NY – Two years ago, The Young Women's Leadership Foundation took a group of science students to the Mississippi Delta. That research won them the Young Science Achievers Award. They are part of the science program at The Young Women's Leadership School in East Harlem, New York City. It's a public school. It's all girls. It's 100% minority. And it's also been enrolling 100% of its senior girls into college every year. Last week, we spoke with several teachers and students at The Young Women's Leadership School to learn about the math and science curricula, and to find out what goes on inside classrooms. This week, students tell us about their college goals, we go with a marine science teacher and her class on a rain-drenched field trip, and we discuss the school's formula for success. Blue Chevigny reports from NYC.