Sarno Tops Springfield Preliminary Vote In Bid For New Mayoral Term

Sep 11, 2019

Turnout was under 10 percent for the Sept. 10th preliminary election in Springfield, Massachusetts. For the Nov 5th final election, the city's Election Office is planning to put signs reading "Vote Today" at about 35 intersections near polling places.
Credit WAMC

The 12-year incumbent mayor of the largest city in western Massachusetts was victorious in Tuesday’s preliminary election.

In his quest for re-election to a new four-year term, Mayor Domenic Sarno won just under 77 percent of the vote.  In November, he’ll face community organizer Yolanda Cancel who finished second in the preliminary voting.

In the only City Council ward race on the ballot, Malo Brown and Jynai McDonald topped a crowded field in Ward 4.

Less than 8 percent of the city’s more than 97,000 registered voters cast ballots Tuesday, according to Election Commissioner Gladys Oyola-Lopez.

"As always, I am disappointed when we have a low voter turnout," said Oyola-Lopez.

In a bid to improve turnout, the City Council earlier this year had passed an election notification ordinance. 

But, the Election Office lacked the funds needed to carry out the directives.