Pittsfield City Councilor Helen Moon Leaves DA’s Office | WAMC

Pittsfield City Councilor Helen Moon Leaves DA’s Office

Jul 28, 2020

Pittsfield, Massachusetts City Councilor Helen Moon is no longer an employee in the Berkshire County District Attorney’s office.

Moon, who represents Ward 1 on the council, managed DA Andrea Harrington’s 2018 campaign and became the DA’s Director of Special Projects beginning in 2019.

Moon confirmed her departure to WAMC this week.

Harrington says she is proud of the work Moon did for her office.

“Our community should be tremendously grateful to her for that work," said the DA. "And I really am looking forward to seeing what Councilor Moon accomplishes as she continues to serve on the city council."

The DA declined to specify the nature of Moon's exit, calling it a personnel issue. Moon works at Fairview Hospital in the critical care unit and part-time at the Elizabeth Freeman Center. She declined to comment beyond confirming her exit.