Montgomery County Launches Hotline For Vaccine Questions | WAMC

Montgomery County Launches Hotline For Vaccine Questions

Jan 15, 2021

Montgomery County has set up a hotline to address non-stop calls from county residents seeking answers about New York state’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout. 

So far Montgomery County has only received about 2,000 doses of vaccine – most of which have gone to hospitals, leaving the overwhelming majority of those now eligible for the vaccine still without access.

Amid complaints of the state’s vaccine website and phone line being tied up – and a deluge of calls to hospitals and municipalities – Montgomery County has launched a telephone hotline to help answer questions. County Executive Matt Ossenfort…

“So the best we can do right now is provide an avenue for you to speak to someone, have your questions answered by a human rather than getting the runaround on a website, we’ll take your information, and as soon as the vaccines do start rolling,  we can set up those appointments quickly and get it out the door.”

The county hotline at 518-853-8247 complements an online survey on the coronavirus vaccine.