The Media Project #1467 - Alan, Ira, Judy, Rosemary

Jul 14, 2019

(Airs 7/14/19 @ 6 p.m. & 7/15/19 @ 3 p.m.) The Media Project is an inside look at media coverage of current events with WAMC’s CEO Alan Chartock, Daily Freeman Publisher Emeritus Ira Fusfeld Judy Patrick, Former Editor of the Daily Gazette and Vice President for Editorial Development for the New York Press Association, and Rosemary Armao, Editor and Investigative Journalist. On this week’s Media Project Alan, Ira, Judy and Rosemary talk about the investigative journalism it took the Miami Herald to unveil what happened in the case of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, The Defender is going out of print, President Trump is criticizing Fox News and more.