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Many Sides

Oct 2, 2017

I have some very strong beliefs in life. I believe that health care is a right for every American. I just can't fathom why some people think that if you are poor, you and your kids don't have any such right. In fact, universal health care is just one example of something I believe in. 

As so many of you know, I also believe in the concept of an American democracy. However, to just say that we have a democratic form of government is not enough. Though we have the mechanisms of democracy, people have no idea about what the issues are all about and it’s fruitless to believe that somehow, we'll get through. We will not. Just ask people about Obamacare. They’ll say they hate it but then can't tell you the first thing about it, even if it means that their kids might have care that they couldn't otherwise afford. It’s frustrating. 

The great thing about WAMC and its Roundtable panel, for example, is that many sides of different positions are put forward and debated. There will always be people who believe that their side is the only side. I started this ramble with my passionate belief in a fair health care system for a reason. When you hear Theresa Bourgeois, one of the smartest people I have ever met, explain the intricacies of health care law, you come away smarter, too. 

John McCain was the reason why Republicans were not able to pass a "repeal and replace" law. To understand his position, you had to understand all the nuances, from the fact that this American hero had been called names by the President of the United States to his brilliant ideas about "regular orders," meaning the way that the Congress, particularly the Senate, does business. As our institutions are corrupted and the basic tenets of democracy are ignored and changed to give advantage to those desiring more and more power, it is essential that we all know what is going on. 

I'm sure that you get the point. This radio station is committed to doing what no one else really does. That's amazing, isn't it? I do get a lot mail, particularly about two WAMC participants, commentator Professor Herb London and Roundtable panelist, lawyer Rich Honen. Make no mistake about it, I seldom agree with anything these two guys say. Nevertheless, I have a hard time with people who say this is "our radio station" and these two guys who sound a lot like Donald Trump have no place here. They say things like, "I turn off the radio when they are on." It doesn't matter that there may be four other people on the panel who disagree with Rich Honen. I am one of the most vociferous of those people when it comes to arguing with Rich. But I am perplexed by those who don't ever want to hear the other side. Most of those folks share what I consider my liberal credential but they say things like, "Hey if you want right wing stuff you can go to any commercial right wing station.” 

For all the liberal arts majors who treasure our American form of democracy, WAMC is the model for what we ought to be doing. If you join me in appreciating what this radio station does and you are one of the hundreds of people who tell me that they are addicted to WAMC, the panel, The Roundtable and all the stuff on the radio, you will recognize that we have to keep it all going. We all know how much poorer we would be without our go-to station. People tell me every button on the car radio is tuned to WAMC. It is with great appreciation and love that I tell each of you how much you mean to us. Let's fill up that Locked Box and let's continue to set records and get ready to be as one on October 16th. I love you for understanding.