Chinese-Owned Rail Car Factory In Springfield Dodges Federal Ban

Dec 12, 2019

Gov. Charlie Baker ( R-MA) toured the CRRC-MA factory in Springfield where new subway cars are being assembled for the MBTA.
Credit WAMC

A Chinese government-owned rail car factory in Springfield, Massachusetts will stay in business despite attempts by some in Washington to shut it down.

Language inserted into a Pentagon spending bill by Democratic Congressman Richard Neal of Springfield gives CRRC a two-year window to compete for federally-funded transit projects across the country.

Lydia Rivera, a spokesperson for CRRC, praised Neal and said the compromise saves about 200 union jobs.

"It is about jobs and improving the local economy in western Massachusetts," said Rivera.

Critics contend CRRC unfairly undercuts its competition and may even pose a threat to national security.

The Springfield factory is currently producing new subway cars for Boston’s MBTA.