Any Questions #341: Famous Rays

Mar 9, 2018

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel are back with a show about Rays.

Last week's challenge
Start with the name of Bon Jovi hit “Bed of Roses.” Rearrange the letters and you can spell things you might find in a well-stocked fridge. What are the two five-letter words?

On-air questions: On March 9, 1995, Major League Baseball announced two new expansion teams, one for each league. The American League team was originally known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (they dropped the word "Devil" from their name after the 2007 season). The Rays' first decade was marked by nine last-place division finishes and one fourth-place division finish, but the 2008 season – their first as the Rays – saw them not only win the AL East division but also make it all the way to the World Series, where they were defeated by the Philadelphia Phillies in 5 games. To commemorate the founding of the Tampa Bay Rays, this week our questions are about famous Rays.

1. A 1980 miniseries titled The Martian Chronicles, a 1962 episode of The Twilight Zone titled "I Sing the Body Electric", and the 1966 film Fahrenheit 451 are some of the many adaptations of works by what prolific science-fiction writer?
2. Actor and comedian Jonah Ray is the new host of what comedy series, revived in 2017 thanks in part to a Kickstarter campaign, in which Ray and his robot companions watch B movies while making jokes and snide comments?
3. The midwestern unincorporated community of Ray is divided into two parts by State Line Road. The southern part of Ray lies in Steuben County, Indiana, and the northern part is in Branch County in what state?
4. "Anything I can do, Ray can do better." is a quote from Charles Eames about his sister Ray Eames. Together, the Eameses are known as influential American designers, architects, and filmmakers. The Eameses may be best known for a chair officially known as the Eames Lounge and Ottoman, which is manufactured by what company, also famous for the Aeron chair?
5. Folksinger Jean Ray was one half of the duo Jim and Jean, who were reportedly the inspiration (or part of it) for both Mitch and Mickey in the 2003 film A Mighty Wind and a duo also named Jim and Jean in 2013's Inside Llewyn Davis. Additionally, Jean Ray was, according to her brother, the inspiration for the song "Cinnamon Girl" by what singer/songwriter?

Extra credit
1. Known for roles in Robocop and 24, actor Ray Wise is perhaps best known for reprising in 2017 his role as Leland Palmer on what series?
2. The scientific unit known as a roentgen, named for German physicist William Röntgen, is used to measure the radiation given off by what, a phenomenon discovered by Röntgen in the late 1800s?

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase DEVIL RAY. Change one letter to an N and you can spell a word for where harvests often take place. What is it?

On-air questions

1. Ray Bradbury
2. Mystery Science Theater 3000
3. Michigan
4. Herman Miller
5. Neil Young

Extra credit
1. Twin Peaks
2. X-rays