51% Show #1378

Dec 17, 2015

On this week’s 51%, we take a look at female robots and other artificial Eves. And you'll hear how a government program is helping new mothers in a California county. I’m Allison Dunne and this is 51%.

Dr. Julie Wosk is the author of several books. Her latest is "My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Androids, and Other Artificial Eves."  The book presents a view of artificial females in film, television, literature, and art--and today's silicone robots that look so real they can easily fool the eye. I asked her what led to this most recent writing endeavor.

That was Dr. Julie Wosk, Humanities professor at the State University of New York, Maritime College in the Bronx. Her latest book is "My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Androids, and Other Artificial Eves." It is published by Rutgers University Press.  The book's website is www.myfairladiesbook.com

The Nurse Family Partnership, or NFP, found that limited access to good parenting information, or role models, can present an even greater challenge to new mothers. And that’s where the government is stepping in to fill in the gap. In Alameda County in California, that means serving a community of largely women of color, from West and East Oakland. NFP sets women up with a nurse who accompanies them during their pregnancies and for the first two years of their children’s lives. It’s a unique model that follows a traditional method used in some Latin American countries. And like the name suggests, it really is a partnership -- in more ways than one. KALW Crosscurrents' Liz Mak reports. 

Jasmine Jurado (left) and Nurse Lopez, with baby Anais.
Credit KALW's Liz Mak

We close this week's show with some Chicago teens, girls and boys, who remember the exact moment they found out that Santa -as one girl quoting her mom put its, that make-believe man getting credit for the work of others - was not real. 

That was a production from Curie Youth Radio, at Curie High School on Chicago's Southwest side. 

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