51% Show #1231

Feb 7, 2013

  On Valentine’s Day, we traditionally think about love – but what if you decided to be your own Valentine this year? With so many of us trying to do it all while doing way too much, this year perhaps it’s time to stop and look in the mirror – and ask yourself if you’re being your own best friend.

And if you aren’t, what does that teach the next generation?

Christine Arylo’s book, Madly in Love With Me – The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend, talks about why you need to love yourself – and how to start.

Low self esteem and self-doubt – they’re the insidious ailments that afflict just about every kid at some time 

  in his or her life. Toronto-based storyteller Sage Tyrtle remembers a friendship that saved her – and showed her how ugly we can really be.

And finally, Valentine’s Day has also become V-Day, a day to speak out against violence against women. This year, Carla Goldstein, the co-founder of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center in Rhinebeck, NY, says she’s going to be part of a global movement to dance her protest.

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