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Michael Meeropol

  • I assume many listeners to WAMC know who John Katko is. He is a Republican Congressman representing New York’s 24th Congressional district (centered in Syracuse). He was one of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the January 6 insurrection. He also attempted to work with his Democratic colleagues in the House to create a bi-partisan committee to investigate the January 6 events.
  • Have you heard that inflation is raging and is likely to destroy Biden’s presidency? Have you heard Senator Joe Manchin complain about the spending in Biden’s BUILD BACK BETTER BILL? He argues that spending so much money is likely to make the inflation worse and speed the “bankruptcy” of Social Security and Medicare trust funds?
  • On Friday, October 29, Netflix debuted “Colin in Black and White” a dramatic recreation of the early years of the NFL star turned activist Colin Kaepernick. He is famous for introducing the kneeling protest during the playing of the National Anthem before each game. Back in 2016 he issued the following statement by way of explanation:
  • So I was recently watching a baseball game when my mood was completely upended by a disgustingly dishonest ad. The organization 60 Plus, a Koch brothers funded so-called “Seniors Advocacy Group” which claims to support “free enterprise” dramatized a woman talking with her doctor. The woman notes that she has Medicare and the doctor warns her that they have to check with the government to see if Medicare would continue to pay for her prescription drugs because of new government rules. The actor playing the doctor then adds gratuitously, “First they defund the police, now they are defunding Medicare.”
  • Despite the fact that this commentary was delivered the week of the giant spending dust-up in Congress over the proposed reconciliation bill to spend close to $3.5 trillion over the next ten years on what the Biden Administration referred to as human infrastructure, I have chosen to focus on a relatively obscure issue that should be of more concern to the general public than it is.
  • As I write this the first week of September, it appears that the House Democrats have arrived at a compromise --- keeping the ball rolling on both the $1 trillion bi-partisan infrastructure bill that had passed the Senate and the proposed $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure bill” that can only pass the Senate through reconciliation.
  • The United States has lost its longest war. We went into Afghanistan in the Fall of 2001 and it is now almost 20 years later. It used to be that we called Vietnam our longest war but even if we dated our involvement in Vietnam combat as beginning in 1961, that would still make it only 14 years long. Unlike Vietnam which never was popular and was the subject of strong antiwar activities and controversy almost as soon as major combat operations commenced in early 1965, initially the war in Afghanistan enjoyed virtually unanimous national support.