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Michael Meeropol

  • In the oral commentary, I focused on the first of two criminal conspiracies being revealed by the work of the January 6 Committee. The one that gets the most attention relates to the fomenting of the riot on January 6, itself – which was the basis for Trump’s second impeachment. However, I had not been aware of the first conspiracy --- one that began the minute Trump started to lose the election in November. I learned about it listening to the November 13 hearing.
  • On May 14, a racist teenager steeped in “white replacement theory” drove 200 miles to a Buffalo, NY supermarket and methodically shot as many black people as he could before surrendering to police. This 18 year old had LEGALLY purchased a military style assault rifle. Even though NY State has a law against high volume magazines for such rifles, this would-be murderer was able to obtain high capacity magazines from out of state. TO purchase the rifle, all he had to prove was that he was 18. No background check – no requirement to take a safety course --- no requirement to prove he wasn’t mentally deranged. Ten days later a different 18 year old in a much more permissive state, bought assault rifles and ammunition and went to a local school and slaughtered fourth graders and two teachers.
  • Have you ever heard of Steven Ratner? He is an economics pundit on television but he is also a big in the world of high finance. In an opinion piece in February, he argued that the current surge in inflation is the result of high levels of deficit spending by the Biden Administration.
  • As everyone knows by now, the Republican effort to turn the Supreme Court into a political tool has just borne fruit --- The media has published a draft of an opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito which completely overturns Roe v. Wade (as well as Planned Parenthood v Casey, which re-affirmed Roe while changing the rules slightly). The Alito opinion already has a five-vote majority taking away a Constitutional Right that has been the law of the land since 1973.
  • By now, many listeners have probably seen Senator Rick Scott (R. Florida) on television trying to deny what is in his infamous 11-point plan to “rescue America.” One example that he tries to deny is in the section on government. Buried on page 19 of the 31-page pdf of the plan is a very significant promise.
  • Have you ever heard the expression, “This is like shooting fish in a barrel”? This means that whatever you are trying to accomplish is VERY EASY. Today I focus on the very easy task of tearing apart one of Senator Rick Scott’s most ridiculous recommendations buried in point 5 of his so-called 11-point plan to “Rescue America.”
  • According to the US inflation calculator, the inflation rate in the US averaged below 2 percent a year from 2012 through 2020. Then it shot up to seven percent in calendar year 2021 and so far in 2022 is running at a 7.9 percent annual rate. Why? It depends on who is talking. If you listen to right wing idiots, it’s because President Biden has cancelled the Keystone Oil Pipeline. If you listen to many mainstream economists, it’s because of supply – chain disruptions. If you listen to Republicans in Congress, it’s because the Biden Administration is running astronomical deficits. Finally, if you check out public opinion polls, it’s because corporations are greedy and are jacking up prices.
  • When I wrote my book, Surrender, back in 1998, I was focused on what I called “right wing economics.” As early as 1978, when Representative Jack Kemp introduced what came to be known as a “supply side” tax cut, I had been fascinated by the resurgence of what I had learned in college was a backward and wrong-headed approach to economics
  • Listeners and readers who do not know the name Laurie Garrett should. She is an outstanding public health expert who wrote an article was entitled, “Economists Are Fueling the War Against Public Health,” that made me sit up and take notice.
  • Last Fall marked 16 years from the time WAMC offered me this platform to try out some of the economics I had been studying and teaching since 1970 when I started my full-time job at (then) Western New England College. I am excited to continue sharing what I have learned and continue to learn over my (now 50-plus-year) career as both a student and a teacher of economics. In my very first presentation, I noted a tension between the extreme free market individualism of Alan Greenspan, then being hailed as a “maestro” for his leadership of the FED during the 1980s and 90s, and the pro-government intervention of John Kenneth Galbraith.