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Canada And U.S. Extend Border Restrictions

U.S. Canada border crossing at Champlain-LaColle
WAMC/Pat Bradley
U.S. Canada border crossing at Champlain-LaColle (file)

Canada and the U.S. have extended to July 21 an agreement that keeps the border between the two countries closed to non-essential travel during the coronavirus pandemic.
The closure of the northern border to non-essential travel was first imposed on March 18 and extended in April and May.  Tuesday’s agreement extends the closure by another 30 days.  

The North Country Chamber expected the move but President Garry Douglas criticizes Canadian and U.S. officials for having no plan for future progress.  “It’s time to enunciate a plan as New York state has done what the way forward is. Can there be some phases?”

Essential cross-border workers including healthcare professionals and truck drivers are exempt from the border restrictions.

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