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Mayor Advocates N95 Masks For Personal Care Workers

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read wears a mask as he discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read wears a face mask during a City Hall pandemic discussion (file)

As New York gradually reopens, many residents are eagerly anticipating the openings of beauty parlors and barber shops.  But Plattsburgh’s mayor says workers in those establishments need more secure COVID protections.
Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read has been a fierce advocate of wearing face coverings during the pandemic.  He is particularly concerned about the upcoming opening of hair salons and barber shops, citing the difficulty of maintaining social distancing.  Read believes they should be provided with face shields and N95 masks.   “They’re individuals that have to work in very close quarters and we can’t afford them to get infected ‘cause if they get infected they take it to someone else.”

Mayor Read is working with a donor and says they hope to distribute N95 masks and shields next week. 

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